Things are moving along at a steady clip here in construction world.  We have revised our geothermal plans a bit.  The background:  When they put our domestic supply well in, we hit major water at about 65 feet.  While digging out the foundation, major rocks were discovered.  Let’s just call them boulders, shall we?  Not so much rocks.  The guys doing the work expressed concern these same boulders were going to be all over the floodplain.  That would mean the guy doing the boring for the geothermal loops would end up doing more trenching (cha-ching) than boring.

So after some long talks with the DENR, EPA, our builder, well digger, and the geothermal guy, we are now planning to put an open loop system in.  We will pump water out of one well, run it through the heat pump system and then back out and into another well to put it back into the aquifer.  The major advantage to this system is that typically it’s much more efficient than a closed loop system – primarily because water at 85′ below the surface stays a more constant (50ish) temperature all year round than the air/moisture at 8′ below the surface.  The drawbacks are primarily a result of what’s in your water.  In our case, since we don’t have hard water and the only major mineral found is iron, we shouldn’t run into problems if we do basic routine maintenance.  We’ll also install a water filter before the split so both our tap water and the water for the heat pump is filtered.  Just in case and all that…I like my hair to have red highlights, but not my clothes, plates, skin, etc etc.

The biggest kicker – it’s going to save us about $10 grand in install cost.  Yee-haw for that.

And now, on with the show:

First off….is this excavator guy a bit nuts with that piece of equipment, or what?  Here he’s parked the sucker and is putting in the rough-ins for the septic system to the house.

There’s the vault, all in place and waiting for a house.

We also now have power coming over to the house.

Josh called a bit ago and said they have the forms in place to pour the footings and the concrete guys will be there around 1:30.  I’m swamped though, so keep your fingers crossed they’re still there at 4:30, would ya?

And now, for a few (*ahem* one) people out there complaining all of her friends get blogs about their grandkids and all she gets is one for a house…

The boy at the Jr. High Football game on Tuesday night (which Josh was reffing).  (Sorry they’re a bit dim – it was starting to get dark out.)

“Hey Ref – what kinda call is that?!?”