Not really.  But maybe.

(Don’t fret – no one was injured in the making of this post.)

This is a tree on our property:

It is one of two near the building site.  We figured we were going to lose this tree, as it was basically on top of the front corner of the garage.  But we have decided to move the house a bit in an attempt to save it.

We’re moving the house, oh, 20 feet to the left if you’re looking at the front of it.  This will put the house nearer the other tree, and will likely result in a steep decent off that corner of the porch if you chose to jump over the railing.  (As I fully expect, some time down the road, some teenager or drunken adult will attempt.)  But really – this end by the garage is going to see all the pedestrian traffic, and it has a more level area to begin with.  So it does make sense.

What you can’t see in that picture though is that some of the limbs hang relatively near to the ground – within say 3-4 feet.  It was going to need a hair cut no matter which way we cut it.  (Can you see where I’m going?)

Here’s the tree after:

Pretty good, eh?  You can see Josh under there if you really look hard.  (Also notice how we’re getting nice and toasty brown finally.)

Here’s the in-between:

Yup, that’s Josh’s dad.  Climbed into and around the tree.  With a chainsaw.  Crazy.  I am shocked no one was hurt in this attempt to frugally trim one tree.  (Help?  No, no, I was much too busy watching the boy.  Really!  That camera?  Oh, it was just there doing it’s own thing.)

Note to self:  next time bring the bucket truck.  (Or maybe that should be a note to my hubby and his father.)

In other news – I heard through the grapevine (i.e. my husband calling after talking to the builder) that we should be getting a big old hole in the ground today.  Huzzah!  Hopefully pictures tomorrow.