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Things are in a state of chaos here at the moment.  We’re trying to break ground next week.  But we’ve got to iron out some details on the appraisal (they stiffed us) and the loan – I’ll spare you the stupid circling details.  We’re meeting with the bank again tomorrow and hopefully the dingbat appraiser will have her poop in a group by then.  But I won’t hold my breath. (And if you’re looking at getting an appraisal in the Black Hills I’ll tell you who I would absolutely NOT recommend. *sigh*)

In the meantime, I’ve been busy steaming up the kitchen putting lots of goodies in the freezer.  We’ve picked a ton of chokecherries, and I’ve made some great chicken stock.  Friends invited us over to take our pick from their overflowing cherry and apple trees.  I made enough apple pie filling for at least 3 pies, plus 2 gallons of applesauce.  I have yet to deal with all the cherries – I made a batch of cherry/chokecherry syrup, but it’s not very thick and I might crack the jars open and see if I can’t boil it down to thicken more.

But the Wyss’s had a super-uper-duper bonus for us.  They have been working on a remodeling project and in addition had friends recently move to New Zealand.  The friends gave them some Congoleum tile they had left over which Pat & Jean thought they might use in the remodel.  But it didn’t work out.  While discussing our upcoming project it came to Jean that we might use it.  Oh indeed we shall.  It’s gorgeous 16″ tiles, 4 full boxes plus a few extra.  And as an added bonus, the adhesive and some grout to go with it!

(Yes, I know – you can’t see what the tile looks like here.  I was in a hurry, okay?  I’ll get another picture for you later.  Sheesh.  Pushy, aren’t you?)

There’s enough tile to cover our downstairs bath for sure, and maybe make it through the mudroom area if we can pick up a few more.  The extra bonus?  It was nearly exactly what we’d picked out while shopping around a couple months ago.

So stick around, my friends.  There will be some major developments in the next couple weeks.  Hopefully we’ll hit the ground running!

Wow…it’s been almost a month since the last post.  Really?  How the heck did that happen?

The good news is the check has cleared the bank, and our easement has been approved.  Huzzah!  Note:  we still don’t have the silly thing in our grubby lil’ hands, but we should.  Very soon.

We’re meeting with our builder again today to iron out a few more details.  If everything goes perfectly we may be looking at some action in the next 2 weeks!  Keep your fingers crossed for us.