We met with our geothermal heat contractor yesterday. He wears a funny hat too, but I didn’t get a picture. So this’ll be a boring post. : )

(For you “greenies” out there – the company we’re using, Hydron, is based out of Carthage, SD. Besides being ultra-efficient heat, everything is made within 500 miles of us. I think that’d get me some LEED points, eh? Not that we’re pursuing LEED certification. I’m just trying to incorporate as much of the concept as I can and have enough funds left to eat. Preferably 3 squares a day.)

For those of you unfamiliar with Geothermal Heat – here’s a great page explaining it. It’s got video and all.

They’ll be coming out to do some test borings pretty soon. The floodplain should be a great place for those four 700′ long methanol filled loops that will keep us warm and toasty in the winter and cool as a breeze in the summer. Not a lot of rocks to get in the way. At least in theory – that’s why they’ll be doing the tests. This is the Black Hills you know.

Anyway…it’ll be way cheaper and easier to put in horizontal loops down in the floodplain than to drill the 200′ or so deep holes needed if you go with a vertical system. (Guaranteed rock if you go that direction.) As an added bonus, they use a boring machine to do it so you won’t even see much disturbance when they’re done (read: no trenches) . I guess this really was a boring post…

The narrowing down of the location for the geothermal will also narrow down the location for our septic. Double bonus.

Still waiting on the Forest Service….and waiting…and waiting…