We’re moving along at a snail’s pace at the moment. One itty bitty inch at a time. The survey showed up in the mailbox over the weekend. Good news part one – we’re well out of the floodplain as I suspected. So one copy goes off to the bank to make them happy.

Beginning of good news part 2…remember all that Forest Service stuff I keep mentioning? Here’s the long version. In order to get onto our property, you take a gravel “road” (it’s more of a two track driveway at the moment, complete with weeds growing up the middle) that winds it’s way back past a rental cabin, comes close to the east end of our property, and then turns and crosses the Trail over to some other folks’ land. I say it comes near our place. There is a small triangle of Forest Service land between us and that road. I’m going to say each side of this triangle is about 15-20 feet. Seriously.

In long ago history, the old county road traveled through our property instead of turning and going across the trail. We have found the plats that show the old road and it’s easement. We can see the old dry stacked slate retaining walls in a number of places on our property. Here – just look:

When we bought the property, the gal who owned it before us had already applied for an easement from the FS. After closing on the property, we phoned them up to make sure she’d done it (she had), let them know of the change of owners, and make sure nothing else needed to be done. Nope, all set – you should know come May. We get a letter in the mail confirming as much. Come May, we call again. The guys on vacation. Mid-June rolls around. We finally get hold of the guy. “Oh – you need to have a survey submitted and then we’ll talk. August? Yeah – I’m doubting that’s possible.” Come over here on this end of the phone and let me strangle you, would ya?

So we take the alternate approach. Our builder goes and does a plat search. We find the plat for our place and the rental cabin that SHOWS the road easement passing through to our property. We’ll go around the damn FS folks if they can’t get it together. We go talk to the county – sorry, the FS still has to sign off. We take the plat back to the FS folks. “That’s nice, but it’s not on OUR maps, so you still need to have the survey done.” But at least now they say August is do-able. Sheesh. I hate bureaucratic BS.

So the survey is done. The plat now clearly shows the existing old county road easement running directly through that itty bitty triangle that is causing all the hullabaloo. This should make the FS happy and they should have no problems signing off on our easement. I stress should of course. They are the guberment after all and who knows what other hurdles they’ll make us jump through before they give us the official okay. Keep your fingers crossed…