Some of you may be wondering just where in the heck the name for this lil’ ol’ blog came from. Read on to be enlightened.

Our builder, Russ – remember him, likes to name his projects. His first idea for us – “Mickelson Modern”. Great name, but that’s sooooo not what we’re about. I won’t say modern is the antithesis of our style since we do like clean lines and simple spaces. But we’re way more…cozy. Comfy. I know lots of folks who would say modern is definitely both of those things. But it’s not either to us.  I look in a room of modern furniture, and no matter how great it feels to sit in, my eyes say “ooo that can’t be comfortable”.  (I can totally appreciate the art of the style however – I know, I’m so confused.)

I am a super fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie style homes. And both Josh and I are also big on the old farm houses. We just aren’t into the country kitsch that goes with it.  So we’ve tried to combine the two and come up with what works for us. So it’s a prairie style farm house…you can see the plans here.  And I’ll be adding some images with our “inspirations” when I get a chance.

But back to the name thing.

Add the Prairie/Farmhouse style along with our location on the Mickelson Trail and *wa-la* you get Prairie Trails. And believe me, I know I am going to mis-type that about eleventy bajillion times before this whole thing is over.  Please forgive me in advance.