Last fall, Josh & I invested in a nice 7 acre piece of property just outside our small little Black Hills town. (Yes, I’m purposefully being rather vague here as who knows who will happen upon this site…) This fall we are planning to begin construction of a new home. Things are still in the mid-level phase at this point. We’ve got our plans, we’ve got a builder, we’ve even been approved for some decent financing. What we don’t have yet is an easement from the Forest Service. And that’s hanging everything up at the moment. But more on that next time. Right now I thought ya’ll might want to see some pictures.

Looking into the property from the future driveway. This is actually the old road that was abandoned some time ago.

Here’s an overview of the site from a bridge along the Trail. Everything is so green right now, it’s just amazing.

And here’s a shot standing below the spot where the house will go, looking back down the valley. Way back down there you can see the car…maybe. It’s small.

The whole flikr set is here. I’ve got to figure out how to link that up yet…