Tonight, Josh brought home a late Christmas treat courtesy of EPC.

01 10 2013

Cheese. In a can (see the ’30s). It can’t possibly be any good, right? Actually, it’s pretty darn tasty. And made my student employees in the Food Service program. So not only taste good, but do good. I wonder what the Dill Garlic or the Sweet Basil taste like?

Wednesday night is gymnastics night. The unfortunate part of Wednesday night is that it involves a nearly 2 hour drive for a 1 hour class. The best part of that drive (besides getting home) is this view right here.

RC lights

It’s not huge, but it’s our Big City and the twinkly lights always make us smile.



ImageItems of note:

  • 8 cans of mixed nuts (unopened)
  • a container of crushed gingersnaps (would have been nice to have found that before I bought another bag to crush for Christmas dinner)
  • multiple bags of crumbs. They might have been chips at one time…
  • you don’t even want to know how much chocolate. It rivals Smashed Santa